Matthieu Urvoy
Researcher, engineer, PhD


  Video and image processing
  3D stereoscopy

Contact details

  2, allée des Saules, 38240 Meylan, France
  +336 476 018 82
  Born on 7 September 1984, French nationality

   Research activities


Research engineer  UMS IRMaGe, Unité IRM 3T Recherche, Teaching Hospital of Grenoble, France

Participation to French project ERATRANIRMA (ANR funding): medial imaging via MRI. Design and development of spatial encoding tools for MRI, with the objective of providing a fast and real-time image reconstruction chain.

Collaboration with Laurent Lamalle


Post-doctoral  Institut de Recherche en Communications et Cybernétique de Nantes (IRCCyN), Nantes, France

Participation to French project StreamMaster (OSEO funding), study of a still image watermarking algorithm robust to print & scan. Focus on the invisibility of the watermark (psychophysics) and optimization of the detection (statistics). Design and implementation (C++) of the technology; validation by subjective experiments. The proposed implementation has been integrated within a partner’s industrial process.

Collaboration with Florent Autrusseau and Dalila Goudia


Post-doctoral  IRCCyN, Nantes, France

Active participation to european ITEA 2 project JEDI, focus on visual fatigue and visual confort of 3D stereoscopic contents and displays, organization of subjective experiments campaigns, study and set-up of a non-standardized subjective test room, shooting of 3D stereoscopic contents, electrophysiological measurements (EEG, EMG, EOG).

Collaboration with Patrick Le Callet and Marcus Barkowsky


Industrial PhD  Orange Labs (France Télécom R&D) + Institut d’Electronique et de Télécommunications de Rennes (IETR), Rennes, France

Worked on a disruptive approach to video representation and compression. From a spatio-temporal video unit called “motion tubes”, I aimed at improving both the compression efficiency and the representation functionalities.

Supervised by Stéphane Pateux and Nathalie Cammas (both research engineers at France Télécom R&D, Rennes, France)


Final year project  University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland

Designed and implemented a video object tracking algorithm in Matlab. Application to the tracking of vehicles.

Project supervised by John Soraghan, Centre for Excellence in Signal & Image Processing (CeSIP)

Summer 2006

Internship in an Academic lab  IETR, Rennes, France

Designed and implemented (in C) a robust entropy coding algorithm for a still-image coding scheme.

Project carried out within team LAR, led by Olivier Déforges and Marie Babel, under the management of Joseph Ronsin.

   Scientific skills

Video processing

Compression: standardized coders -H.264/AVC, SVC & MVC, HEVC-, disruptive approaches by analysis-synthesis), motion estimation.

Image processing

Watermarking, stereo-matching.


Human visual system, contrast sensitivity, stereopsis, visual fatigue & confort, electrophysiology (EEG, EMG, EOG).

Subjective experiments

Test standards (ITU BT.500 & P.910), methodologies (paired comparison, 2AFC), and analysis. Design of a standardized test room.


Hypotheses testing, curve fitting, outlier detection, clustering.

Mathematical optimization

Application to real-life problems: motion and depth estimation, adaptive filtering, clustering, etc.


Signal processing, information theory (source and channel coding), detection-estimation, networks (Ethernet, IP, Wi-Fi, routing), mobile communications.


C/C++, Matlab, R, testing procedures (Bash), VHDL, Web (PHP, HTML, CSS), databases (SQL, Oracle).



Industrial PhD, signal and image processing, with high honors,  Université Européenne de Bretagne (UEB), Rennes, France

Supervisor: Olivier Deforges, Institut d’Electronique et de Télécommunications de Rennes (IETR)


Master of Engineering, with distinction,  Electronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE) Dpt, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland


Engineer diploma,  Electronics and Industrial Computing Dpt, top school National Institute for Applied Sciences (INSA) of Rennes

   Communication and valorisation


Presentations at conferences, posters, teaching.


Scientific publications (international journals and conferences), project deliverables, funding proposals, software documentation.

Research valorisation

Development and distribution of both research and industrial tools, collaboration with technology transfer offices, research project set-up (organization, funding – ANR)

Team work

Participation to and organization of meetings, distribution of the workflow and the workforce into tasks, experience with dedicated software (Trello, SVN, Git).

   Teaching activites


M.Eng and B.Eng project  Co-supervision of research projects in electrophysiology (M.Eng) and watermarking (B.Eng)


Occasional courses (16h)  Experimental measurements, acquisition and restitution interfaces, supervision of software development projects


Occasional courses (60h)  VHDL, DBMS (databases), image and video processing, signal processing, statistic signal processing, management of software development projects, real-time systems.


Occasional courses (60h)  VHDL, image and video processing, signal processing.



Mother tongue.


Fluent – scholastic year 2006-2007 in immersion in Glasgow, Scotland. Frequent use at the work place (oral and written).



   Hobbies, interests


Climbing, mountaineering, ski touring, sailing, cycling.

Arts, culture

Piano (17 years), music (jazz, classical, electronic), graphic design.